‣   Feel secure with Nagashiva along with our Digital Journey. As the realization is getting higher that Technology is inevitable and no longer a choice, Implementing Digital Transformation in all forms of business operations across the organization is in our top priority list. Nagashiva is adapting to the changing business needs to make Services more streamlined, efficient and productive to meet the expectations of the customers.

‣  As exemplary Customer service is in our DNA, going digital makes us agile and gives the better data insights for a better decision making which in turn gives the better customer experience and simplified chit experience. Our digital ideation is very transparent and precise right from enrollment of the customer to the termination of the chit cycle gives our customer a confidence on us. Having an access to an amount of information about our business handy helps us to mitigate the risks and continuously improve time to time.

Key pointers :

We have an Online Service for New Subscriber Registration.

We provide information on how many new chit groups are going to be start in the company through online website.

We have the Online Website Provides Information on How many Tickets are Available in the Chit Group.

All Subscribers can Quote their Bid Amount for Month. It is Valid up to the Next Month Auction Date through Online.

After Auction the Company Publishes the Chit Statement and Videos through on Our Official Youtube Channel.

Our Company Provides Subscriber Details through Online (Ticket Number,Subscriber Name, Mobile Number and Address) to all its Members in the Chit Group

All our customers can pay their due online.

All our customers receive Digital receipt along with our Physical receipt from a portable Bluetooth printer.

All our collection executives manage the customers and collections digitally.

Our Sales executives are no longer pen and paper

Exclusive Native mobile app for all our Agents.

We conduct online Auction*

Data is wealth. We are making quicker decisions with the better data insights.

Our employees and Agents are digitally empowered.

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