It Is very Important To Have Transparent Transactions In Chit Fund Service

We have been providing best services to our Customers Gratefully Since year 1996

Our company gives a unique service to our Customers. All the information about the Chit Fund is on our website

1. Our company charges commission on customer chit value but does not charge commission on the total amount of the chit group

2. We have an Online Service for New Customer Registration.

3. We provide information on how many new chit groups are going to be start in the company through online website.

4. We have the Online Website Provides Information on How many Tickets are Available in the Chit Group.

5. Our Company Provides Customer Details (Ticket Number,Customer Name, Mobile Number and Address) to all its Members in the Chit Group before Commence the Chit Group Auction.

6. All Customers can Quote their Bid Amount for Month. It is Valid up to the Next Month Auction Date through Online.

7. Customer can view their chit group bidding report for up to 30 days and Quote their Bid Amount.

8. After Auction, the Company Publishes the Name of Chit Prize Winner on Our Official Website.

9. If Chit Member becomes a Chit Auction Winner, then Company send Message to Chit Member.

10. After Auction the Company Publishes the Chit Statement and Videos through on Our Official Youtube Channel.

11. If Customer does not use Online Bidding else Customer will Call the Company and We update the customer's bid amount and we send to Customer the bidding report to WhatsApp or email.

12. The Member will receive an Advance Amount from the amount of the chit Winning from the chit Company.

13. The member who picks up the chit gets the amount of the chit within 10 days.

14. The Chit Auction Winner Customers can Upload Documents through Online.

15. Chit auction winning Customers can register their witness and upload the witness documents in our website

16. The Member will get the 25% cash and 75% RTGS / Cheque Facility from the Amount of the picked up Chit from the Company.

17. If the Chit Period is 70% then 1 Guarantor will be required and if it is 90% then only own Documents will be Required.

18. Chit winning members If it is not possible to come to the company, the company will come to the house it self and will verify Document process and Will give members chit amount.

19. The internal customer of group can check whether the company has paid the amount of the chit winner.

20. The Customer does not need to come to Our Company for the Last Chit Amount and it will be own Transferred to Customer Bank Account.

21. Company shall provide final chit statement to all Customers after completion of their chit group. Customer can get all their relevant documents as agreed in agreement.

Nagashiva Company Provides Customers Details to all its Members in the Chit Group before Conducting the Chit Group Auction.

1. Customer All Group Reports.

2. Group All Member Details List.

3. Members can ask for their Group Bid Amount Online 30 Days.

4. All Members' Group Bidding Report.

5. Customer Chit Auction Pending Statement.

6. Customer Chit Receipt Statement.

7. Customer All Account Statement.

8. Lucky Draw Videos are Available on YouTube & Our Website.

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