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Chit Fund

Chit fund is a savings cum borrowing tool, which is unique when compared to other financial systems.
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We are proud to inform you that we are the first company to provide all the transactions any time online for each and every common man to utilize from any where in the world

1. Customer All Group Reports.

2. Group All Member Details List.

3. Members can ask for their Group Bid Amount Online 30 Days.

4. All Members' Group Bidding Report.

5. Customer Chit Auction Pending Statement.

6. Customer Chit Receipt Statement.

7. Customer All Account Statement.

8. Lucky Draw Videos are Available on YouTube & Our Website.

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we are offering you the best services that you won't imagine from any chit fund company

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Chit Fund

Chit fund is a unique financial concept, which has flexibility to borrow or save

Chit Account

Members get a chit account to deposit the advance chit amount, and the member can deposit money in this account at any time

Daily-Weekly-Monthly Recurring Deposit

Daily-Weekly-Monthly into their recurring deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to fixed deposits.

Chit Financial Services

Members can get the lowest interest rate of 50% of their chit paid amount and these financial services are available only to chit members.

Chit Fixed Deposit

Nagashiva members who wish to invest their money in our company can invest in Chit Fixed Deposit.

Saving Account

A savings account is an account provided by a our company for individuals to save money and earn interest on the cash held in the account.

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